EOL Doula Services

Three-Phase Doula Model

There is no concrete or definitive way to perform end-of-life care. Each individual and their family has specific needs that need to be addressed in different ways. I assist individuals and families in preparing for death with a holistic, non-biased, compassionate approach. I offer comfort and support, regular visits with patients and families, coaching, advanced directives, individual religious rites, and whatever else a family might need of me.  Good quality care means that every moment is an evolution that the Doula and family experience together–It is an unfolding. Therefore, I follow a simple rubric:

I. Summing Up & Planning

“What concerns or worries you?” “What do you believe or hope happens after we die?”

  • Address worries & issues
  • Increase quality of life
  • Explore life meaning
  • Address legacy projects and individual visualizations
  • Plan atmosphere and environment
  • Educate about the dying process
  • Design rituals,  etc

II. Conducting Vigil 

This begins with active dying and involves presence at bedside. 

  • Hold space for the Vigil plan
  • Use guided visualization/meditation as needed
  • Use instructed music, touch, rituals
  • Assist in physical care
  • Provide rest for family
  • Normalize dying and maintain sacredness.

III. Reprocessing & Early Grief

5-6 weeks after death

  • Retell the dying story/Address reoccurring images
  • Discuss what was said/not said
  • Bereavement referrals
  • Navigating and nurturing grief to cultivate meaning


What I am not: a hospice nurse, licensed doctor of any sort or registered medical presence. Therefore, I do not diagnose or assist with medical issues.

I do this work on a sliding scale and pro bono for those in need. Every person deserves a peaceful death. I will never turn down somebody for financial reasons. Pay it forward or pay what you can.

My home base is in Missoula, Montana near the Bitterroot Valley. Happy to extend to the surrounding counties that neighbor Missoula.  I am willingly to travel farther on a case-by-case basis and have access to Skype for any questions that you might have.

Still reading? Ready? The first step is a consultation and the rest goes on from there.